‘This is Retail’ – Retail Excellence Ireland

June 3, 2015    

Retail Excellence Ireland has launched a campaign to celebrate the significant contribution made by the Irish retail industry and they are requesting your assistance.

REI have prepared a number of videos on their Youtube channel to show how exciting and varied the retail industry is.

This Campaign aims to:

  1.  Improve the public perception of the retail industry by increasing awareness
      of the breadth and economic value of the industry.
  2.  Foster a sense of pride amongst those working in the industry.
  3.  Attract high calibre candidates, particularly at executive and management
  4. Increase awareness among existing employees in the industry of the
     opportunities available and encourage them to develop and progress within

     the industry.

  5.  Highlight retail’s contribution to the macro economy and local economies
      across Ireland.
REI Twitter: @thisisretailirl
REI Facebook: ‘This is Retail’ page
REI Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp-NsxlkljGJzxg2s4uHZmw/videos



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