Geofencing: Targeting Local Smartphone Users

November 12, 2013    

Many Retailers are turning to geofencing to target customers


The smartphone trend seems to be here to stay and to comply to this, a new method of targeting has been created. Geofencing allows retailers or any business to send messages, marketing their products or services to smart phone users when they enter a defined, near location.

Recent figures from Google state 40% of local searches are from smart phones and by 2015 many companies predict local smartphone searches will out number those from PC’s.

Though there can be draw backs such as; faster loss of battery life angering consumers and increased competition between stores. This new method of targeting will allow businesses to increase their advancement into the smartphone world. Juniper Research has recently stated more than 3.4 billion mobile coupons were redeemed in 2011 globally, thus insinuating consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable redeeming coupons that they receive from their smartphones.

This new targeting method is believed to become highly popular as the continuous use of smartphone increases.



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